Nowadays millions of people are learning English online. You could be one of them. All you need is a good headset and stable internet connection. Learn English anytime anywhere from the office or the comfort of your own home with a native British teacher. Regular feedback to help you monitor your progress.

How to get started

First of all, you need a good headset so that you can hear every consonant and vowel pronounced by your teacher. Likewise, the teacher needs to understand your pronunciation and correct you when necessary.

Choosing a good headset

It is important that you are in a quiet place with a stable internet connection. The most reliable platform is SKYPE and the headset which I use is designed for skype calls. I recommend a Jabra headset.

You will get so much more out of the lesson if you can hear everything clearly. Some headsets today are able to cancel out any irritating background noise.

Working with a good course book

I usually use and recommend students to get a copy of Headway Oxford students book with audio cds and workbook. These come in different levels.

I partly use a course book as I like to design my own materials and most of my lessons are based on speaking.

We work a little with grammar, reading and listening as you can work on these skills alone, but it may be difficult to practise speaking for various reasons so the majority of the lesson is based on speaking and ONLY in ENGLISH.

I then assign grammar exercises for homework, but only those grammar structures which the student may have difficulty with or need extra practice.

I also assign reading from Pearson graded books and other resources such as BBC 6 mins.

Headway Oxford is an excellent course book for the student as it does not give you lengthy grammar explanations, but it is concise and to the point. The workbook is useful for the exercises linked to the units.

A grammar book is essential

It is important to have a good grammar book at hand so that you can work on any weak grammar points.

There are plenty of exercises and the answers are usually at the back of the book. Make sure you only check them after you have completed the task.

I assign this as self study as well as the multitude of grammar exercises you can find on the internet. I recommend English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy which will be your guide throughout your study.

Online dictionaries

I suggest a monolingual dictionary and not to use a bilingual one. Nowadays, many of the online dictionaries provide you with sentence examples, so you will understand the meaning of that particular word.

I recommend Cambridge and the free dictionary

From this search, you will learn other new words as well as synonyms which are extremely important in language learning. You do not want to use the same words all the time.

They can get repetitive and boring for listeners and for yourself so try to vary your vocabulary. There are some resources which can help you learn only synonyms and idioms such as word hippo or Reverso and last but not least, THINK IN ENGLISH.

Before your first lesson

You need to contact me on skype lisa5224 to arrange a suitable day and time for your assessment test. This will last only 15 minutes and is free of charge. This gives your teacher an opportunity to assess your spoken level of English. You will then be given a listening/grammar test. Based on the results and your level, the teacher will start preparing the lesson.

I will be sharing some of my resources, tips and grammar explanations so look out for new posts and have fun learning English.


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