About me

My name is Donnalisa, but I prefer to be called Donna. I grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland and have been teaching English since 2003. I studied Tourism Management and English Literature. Once I became certified in the UK to teach English as a foreign language, my first assignment was in a private school in Naples, Italy.

I then taught in primary schools, secondary education as well as the University Orientale of Naples and eventually, a private language school in Calabria. After a long period of classroom teaching, I found a job working for one of the global leading language providers online. I taught every nationality and worked early mornings, late evenings and weekends due to different time zones.

After several years of working for this provider, I then decided to set up I-can-speak-english.com and now most of my students are Italian and Russian so I can work normal hours. All other nationalities are welcome.

I would like to share with you some of my teaching tips, resources and how to improve your English so look out for new posts. I have taught many students online and have seen how they have made progress even in a few months. I hope you find my tips useful.

Skype contact: lisa5224