Learn 200-3000 words just by reading one graded book

It is said that an average native speaker knows about 40,000 words. Experts say that women use 20,000 words a day in their conversations. Start to expand your vocabulary range.

These books are graded according to your level. There are 6 levels. A1 (level 1),  A2 (level 2 and 3), B1 (level 4), B2 (level 5), C1 and C2 (level 6). Find out your level by doing this free placement test: https://bit.ly/2YkpiLD You can choose any topic or book based on your interest. You just simply choose the book with your level. (Sherlock holmes level 5 is for B2 students).

The vocabulary is repeated throughout the entire book so that by the end of that book, you will have learnt easily all the new words. Every chapter recycles the new vocabulary so that the student can and will absorb the new words. Students reading a level 6 book should learn at least 3000 words by the end of it.

I recommend at least 2 pages a day. These books come with an audio CD in order for you to hear the pronunciation of the words. I also recommend listening and reading at the same time to work on recognising the sounds and listening to the narrator’s voice.

Another exercise is to listen to the audio without reading, this will improve your listening comprehension. At the end of the book, there will be exercises and quizzes to make sure you have consolidated all the vocabulary and understood the book.

At the beginning of my lessons, I recommend these to my students and to check that they have been reading, I ask them to summarise 2 pages of their book. After this summary, I link the summary to real life situations and get them to use the language in a more natural way by asking questions, comparing situations, characters and places from the book.

I have seen how my students pronuciation and vocabulary has increased after having read those books and I cannot stress enough how important it is to read in English on a daily basis.

Click here to find a list of books you like and start reading now.

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