How to remember vocabulary more easily

Many students always say that there are so many words to remember. Learning vocabulary will last for a lifetime. Native speakers do not know all the vocabulary in the English language, so to expand their range, they usually read and always find new words.

They do not stop to check the word in the dictionary, but try to guess the meaning from the other words in the context. Reading is so important not just for the new language, but also for your own language. Make sure you read on a daily basis. The more words you learn, the more fluent you become.

Learn 7 new words a day

Some students told me that they try to learn 100 words a day, but this is wrong. Learning a language is a gradual process and you do not want to fill your head with too much information.

My advice would be to learn 7 new words every day. Make sure you learn vocabulary related to every topic in General English before you go onto a specialist or technical subject.

BBC 6 Minutes

Many students tell me that Technical English is easier than General. The reason for this is that the language stays the same and it is only one topic whereas General English can vary ranging from every topic you can think of (Sports, Health, Entertainment; Weather, Food, Shopping, Hotels, Travel, etc… (The list is endless).

Learn different topics

Try to learn as many topics as possible. BBC 6 mins is an excellent tool as it will give you those all important 7 new words and show you them in context. It also focuses on a wide range of topics.

Try to listen first to the audio file and never more than twice then read the transcript to check your understanding. Make a note of the 7 new words present in each lesson as well as idioms and idiomatic expressions. If you write the words down and make sentences, you will remember them more easily.

Idioms and idiomatic expressions

Native speakers use countless idioms and idiomatic expressions in their daily language. Try to learn idioms and idiomatic expressions. This will make your language colourful and more interesting to listen to and you will be sure to impress the listener.

It is important not to translate these from your language as some of the words are not used in other languages or word by word, but to learn them as they are. Here are some of the most common used ones with a definition to help you understand the meaning.

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