Learning Synonyms and phrasal verbs

Try to expand your vocabulary by using synonyms and phrasal verbs. We usually have 3-5 words for the same meaning. It is a good idea to vary your vocabulary so you sound interesting to the listener. 3 words for the same meaning is also sufficient. Phrasal verbs are always used in daily conversation. The more you learn, the more natural you will sound.

Let us take the word House and find 5 different words for this meaning.

If you cannot think of any, a good tool is to use word Hippo or a Thesaurus. I recommend Oxford Thesaurus or word hippo.

From this search, I have found 5 words to illustrate the meaning of house:

Dwelling, abode, residence, domicile and place. You can use word maps to help you learn those words more easily.

To draw a word map, put the main meaning in the middle of a bubble and then use arrows to point to your chosen word. You can see an example here.

Now try to make sentences using these new words.

Here are a couple of examples:

I live in a private residence in a quiet street.

The place where I live is really quiet.

Write down new words in alphabetical order

A good tip is to write down your new words in alphabetical order with a definition of the word and sentence example:

R – Residence – the place where someone lives (definition)

Sentence example: I live in a private residence in a quiet street.

How to remember phrasal verbs

Many native speakers use countless phrasal verbs in their daily conversation. A phrasal verb is made up of a verb + preposition or a verb + adjective. Get up or get excited.

I have to get up early every morning. (with verb)

I’m getting excited about my holiday. (with adjective)

I recommend learning 3 phrasal verbs a day. Remember to write them down in alphabetical order with a definition and sentence example.

Get up – stand up – I get up at 7am every morning.

There are many resources with lists of phrasal verbs or you could use Oxford phrasal verbs

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